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Basic Electrical Engineering, Engineering Mechanics & Object-Oriented Programming & System & Software project Management IMP Notes, Question And PYQS

Basic Electrical Engineering, Engineering Mechanics

Digital-Voltmeter_Ramp-type Measuring-Instruments 12.Chapter_3_3Phase 10.Chapter_3_AC-circuits

Object-Oriented Programming & System

  • Object Oriented Programming Concept and Overview of Java
  • Fundamentals of Java Programming (Data types, Operators,
    Control Statements, Array, and Command line arguments)
  • Class and Objects (Constructors, Constructor overloading,
    method overloading, array of Objects, “this” keyword)
  • Inner class/Nested class (Non-static member inner class,
    static inner class, Method local inner class, Anonymous inner
  • Inheritance (Types of Inheritance, Method Overriding, Dynamic
    Method Dispatch, “Super” keyword, Aggregation, Composition,
    and Object Class)
  • Abstract Class, Interface, and “final” keyword
  • Access Modifiers and Packages
chapter-1-oops-java chapter-2-oops-java-engineering 3rd-Semester-B.-Tech-Object-Oriented-Programming-Using-Java-CS-20004–-Autumn-Mid-Semester-Examination-2023 3rd-Semester-B.Tech-CSSEITObject-Oriented-Programming-Using-JAVA-CS-20004-Autumn-End-Semester-Examination-2023 B.Tech-4th-Sem-Programme-Spring-24 OOPJ-Midsem-Question

Software project Management

SPM-Full-Slides SPM-Full-Notes SPM-Full-Slides-copy

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