HackSharks 2.0

Deadline:-28 Mar 2024 @ 2:30am GMT+5:30 

Mode: – Online

Prize: – $9,000 in prizes

Participants: – 3182

Organization: – Indian Institute of Tech X DevShark Org

Beginner Friendly, Health, Machine Learning/AI

Who can participate
  • Above legal age of majority in country of residence
  • All countries/territories, excluding standard exceptions

Rules: –

Your repository code must be publicly available and have an open source license.

All applications must be created during the hackathon.

At least one member must be registered in the group, there can be a maximum of four members in each group
If you have questions, you can use the chat tab.


For more updates on Hackathon, Join What’s App Group πŸ‘‡

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